Cometball - A game for the Atari Falcon 030

(C) 2018 by C. Hellmuth (HM - Pictures)

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--- Comet Ball ---

It's the Armageddon...

Huge comets are flying through space towards mother earth.

In case of an impact, we all would be extinct.

You are mankind's last and only hope. All other computers fail due to cosmic radiation, but your Atari Falcon is still up and running.

World's top scientists have found a way to connect your Atari to the world's most powerfull weapon: the plasma cannon.
It' s over to you to save the world!
Cometball will run on any Atari Falcon 030 Computer with 4 MByte RAM and about 20 MB free space on harddisk.

Required resolution: VGA - 640x480 in 16 colors

Cometball will also work on Atari TT computers (but without music) and on Atari Emulators. Depending on your PC hardware / emulator settings music or sfx may be delayed or not played correctly.

Use real hardware for the real fun.

Cometball will play better and smoother if you use NVDI and/or an accelerator like Nemesis, Phantom or the CT60/E.

Cometball features:

- unique gameplay using your mouse

- about 17 minutes of exclusive soundtrack composed and performed by award winning composer Mark C. Wilson

- story mode featuring 5 actionpacked levels including a bossfight

- arcade mode with stunning power-ups, arcade style music and some surprises

- saveable highscores so you can challenge your friends

- completely made on a real Atari Falcon 030 - including this website and all graphics!

- ...

Download Comet-Ball today!
Updated Version 2.06:

- 2 players arcade mode available!!! Team up with a friend who uses the joystick!

- little bit speed improvement

- fixed video mode detection

If you like you can make a donation.

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You can also buy the Boxed Version

- Features nice box for the game

- First 25 boxes will be a limited edition (first come first serve)

- CD- Rom including an Audio CD of the soundtrack and the game itself

- Hatari preconfigured to run the game on your PC (some adjustments may be necessaire)

- printed manual

- a little surprise


If you want the boxed version with printed manual and some goodies - send 24.99 EUR via paypal to - that includes worldwide shipping!

Small video of Cometball's gameplay

Cometball is free of use software. You are free to spread the software as long as you don't charge any money for it!
Cometball is (C) by C. Hellmuth (HM-Pictures). It' s not allowed to modify or use the files for more than personal purposes!

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